Beta Competition 2022

Beta Competition 2022

Beta Competition 2022 has its own site –

You can check out the submitted projects HERE.

Beta Competition 2022 is one of the main pillars of Timișoara Architecture Biennial Beta, together with the main exhibition of the curators and the “Privește Orașul” project.

Beta sums up a series of actions, projects, events and exhibitions, all structured based on 3 main categories: Education, Profession, City.

Beta Competition 2022 represents the main event of the “Profession” category, which supports and promotes quality architecture in all of its forms and manifestations, being conceived as a relational interface both within the profession, and between the profession and the socio-cultural environment in which it operates.

Beta Competition 2022 takes place from June 6th until October 23th and will have an euroregional nature, the competition being open to the DKMT region.

The organization of the competition in this format is based on the context similarities at the level of the 3 neighboring countries, encouraging participation at a larger scale and promoting by these means, the development of a multilateral dialogue about the future of this profession.

Beta Competition 2022 has three jury groups:

for categories 1-5: András Cseh, Bogdan Ciocodeică, Evelina Ozola, Mark Randel, Milka Gnjato
for category 6. Essay: Cecilie Sachs Olsen, Chiara Dorbolò, Ross Exo Adams
for category 7. Photography: Alexandra Țîmpău, Miguel de Guzman, Miloš Martinović