Get Ready to RRRUBBBLE Romania

Get Ready to RRRUBBBLE Romania

Open Call to a design-and-make workshop in Victory Square, Timișoara with Space Saloon and The MAAK

Update: Application deadline extended until the 18th of September 2023.

This is an open call for young designers, architecture students, and students in general who, over one week in October, want to actively participate in reimagining the abandoned staircases and underground entrance ways of Victory Square. Together with Space Saloon and THE MAAK, the selected designers will reframe the use of the abandoned staircases through temporary spatial interventions. Workshops (both virtual and in-person) will be themed around methods of material mapping, hands-on design prototyping and public activation.

The bigger picture – the LINA fellows

The design-and-make workshop in Victory Square will be led by Space Saloon and The MAAK and it is part of a larger initiative that gathers three international fellows selected through the LINA platform, which Beta is a member of. The larger initiative, with the help of the selected fellows, aims to help us ask questions and get creative about the way in which we use public space by zooming into specific areas of Victory Square.

It’s undeniable that the square has a rich historical, cultural, and social value. At the same time, it is currently merely a space of transition, with few areas that encourage people to stop, spend time, and interact. This is precisely what each of the fellows will try to achieve by activating three of Victory Square’s most important areas: the staircases, the green space, and the street in front of the Cathedral. All the initiatives will tie into the context of The Nursery 1306 Plants for Timisoara and the International Design Competition for Victory Square, enhancing the ultimate objective of regifting the square to the people as a public space that can be used for interaction, fruitful dialogues, and, why not, creativity. 

How to apply and what to expect

To apply to the RRRUBBBLE Romania Open Call, send us a letter of intention in English specifying your motivation to take part in the project at, by the 14th of September 2023 (included). We want to understand your drive, and get a glimpse of how you’d approach the initiative. 

If you get selected, you’ll participate in two virtual planning sessions on the 18th and 25th of September. Then, over the course of one week (9th to 14th of October), you’ll be involved in a series of workshops and events meant to activate the abandoned staircases and the underground entrance ways of Victory Square.

If you decide to apply, please make sure you have the availability to attend the virtual sessions and be physically present in Timisoara from the 9th to the 14th of October. 

What is RRRUBBLE? 

RRRUBBLE is a research project by Space Saloon and The MAAK that aims to rethink the role of resources and agency in architectural production. It is the testing ground for the development of new hyper-contextual aesthetics and on-the-ground building components. RRRUBBLE advocates for ‘an architecture of availability’, where using found objects and forgotten or discarded items are prioritized over sourcing new or foreign materials.

RRRUBBLE by Space Saloon X The MAAK

RRRUBBLE in Timișoara, Romania is supported by Beta and LINA

More about Space Saloon and The MAAK

Space Saloon is a collective of architects, artists and researchers, led by Danny Wills, Gian Maria Socci and Rebecca van Beeck. Their projects build communities, promote learning and foster engagement through the production of transdisciplinary forms of knowledge. Follow them on Instagram (@space_saloon) to stay up to date with their latest projects.

The MAAK is an award-winning spatial practice based in Cape Town, South Africa. Driven by process, people and materials the studio’s outputs range from full-scale public buildings to experimental spatial enquiries. The MAAK was co-founded by Ashleigh Killa and Max Melvill in 2016. If you want to learn more about their involvement in public building, their Instagram (@the.maak) is the perfect feed to follow.

Team group photo Space Saloon X The MAAK