COVID-19 safety

The concept of responsibility also means compliance with safety regulations. 

Thus, due to the epidemiological context in which BETA 2020 takes places, we are taking all the necessary measures in order to provide the safest environment for all the events.

Our volunteers will perform an epidemiological triage at the entrance of each event. The temperature of each participant will be checked and the person whose temperature exceeds 37,3° C, or who refuses this procedure, will not be able to take part in that event.

We provide a Covid kit (disinfectant, mask) on the entrance of each exhibition/ event.

We constantly disinfect the surfaces and ventilate the exhibition venues every day.

Wearing a mask, so that your nose and mouth are covered, is mandatory during the entire events, regardless of the fact that they take place inside or outside. Keeping a 2 m distance between people is as well mandatory, except for members of the same family or groups of up to 3 people.

Please follow the unidirectional traffic indications and as well the ones that advise you where to stay, without changing their position.

We recommend that you sanitize your hands both at the entrance and at the exit of the events/exhibitions.

Try and limit the duration of your visit to a maximum of 2 hours, and if the exhibition venue is visibly crowded, please wait outside.

We will make sure that all the measures and restrictions imposed by law will be obeyed, to provide safety and protection for everyone who participates in our events.